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Lattice Ball Small

Lattice Ball Small

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The JW® PlayPlace Lattice Ball will get your dog's adrenaline pumping. The PlayPlace Lattice Ball is a multi-textured toy that is made from JW's super tough Megalastomer®. This bouncy, brightly colored translucent material is not only strong, but it is also a 100% recyclable non-toxic toy that entertains and holds up even for tough chewers and teethers. Helps to curb destructive behavior by providing a healthy alternative that satisfies your dog's instinct to chew. PlayPlace is truly a do-it-all line offering fun shapes and designs that are perfect for tough teethers. Bouncy and brightly colored for hours of fun for any dog. 


  • Bouncy & brightly colored translucent strong material
  • Safe 100% recyclable non-toxic toy
  • Entertains & holds up even for tough chewers & teethers
  • Great way to engage your dog's natural instinct to chew
  • Helps to curb destructive behavior


Made in China

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